Labor Only Service

Our Just the Muscle service is designed with you in mind. We recognize that sometimes you simply need some Muscle to get your project finished. The Just the Muscle service is less expensive than our Muscle + Truck option, and is ideal for smaller or lower-budget jobs.

The Just the Muscle service remains flexible to your needs. Whether you need a single item moved within your residence, have a renovation project that requires furniture moved, need help packing boxes, or you have access to a truck/portable storage container and need our help loading and unloading, our Muscle Movers can get the job done for you!

We love small jobs! As with all of our labor-only services, we maintain an industry low, 1-hour minimum compared to others who can have up to a 4-hour minimum. Although this service does not come with a truck, you’ll get all the benefits of hiring Muscle Movers equipped with all the tools and moving materials you’ll need all at a fraction of the cost of our competition! Call us today to discuss your project and find out more about our Muscle Movers!


About our Billing:

The hourly billing for our services begins when we arrive at the starting location and ends after all services have been completed to your satisfaction - either at a single location or if we need to travel to other destinations. Once our hourly minimum has been satisfied we will round the billing to the next quarter hour. Because we only charge hourly while on location, we maintain a one-time flat trip charge. This helps cover the cost of fuel, vehicles, insurance and Muscle Movers' time while traveling to and from your location. The flat trip charge is based on your location(s) and can be calculated for you by one of our moving consultants. Contact us today!



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